General FAQ

What is Lonelyseat?

Lonelyseat is an on-demand, peer-to-peer Delivery platform. We’re a platform that connects Kiwis with Stuff, with a nationwide network of willing and able Drivers. Lonelyseat serves everyone from big retailers to everyday mums and dads… You name it, our Drivers and Senders are diverse in every way possible.

How does Lonelyseat work?

Lonelyseat has a very simple process. Firstly, a Sender lists the Stuff they want to send and that listing is uploaded onto the Platform for all Drivers to browse through. Drivers can then accept Senders listing on a 'first come, first served' basis. Once both the Driver and Sender are happy for the Delivery to go ahead, the Driver will arrive at the pick-up point before or close to the pick-up time and collect the Stuff to Deliver. When the Driver is on the way, the Sender can track the Delivery via a link sent by text. When the Driver arrives at the drop-off point, they take a photo of the Stuff to confirm the Delivery is complete on their end.

Im under age but I want to use the services, is there any way?

Unfortunately, if a person is under the age of 16 they can’t use our Services. Lonelyseat have a strict age requirement for ensuring all participants are legally sorted to fully operate our platform. However, Lonelyseat is excited to see you soon and have you come on board in the near future.

The Lonelyseat platform won't let me register, what do I do?

Ensure you have completed all mandatory fields in our online registration form and try completing it again. It is also important to check that all information provided is real, true and correct. In some cases you may need to refresh the page. We also require each User to provide us with ID and other information to ensure they meet the requirements to join our Lonelyseat community.

How do I know if my information is safe?

When a User signs up they agree to protect your Confidential Information. During a Delivery, Drivers may have access to your Confidential Information or a Recipients information. No need to worry, Lonelyseat and Users have have promised to keep all personal information and health information confidential. If a User doesn’t follow through with these obligations, the User may end up having to find another way to earn money or Deliver Stuff.

I have more questions, how do I ask them?

Email us at and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have.