Driver FAQ

How do I start Delivering Stuff on the platform?

It's easy to get started! Just head to the Lonelyseat homepage and select 'Browse Lonely Stuff'. Next, put in where you are traveling to and from and then select 'Search'. This will bring up a bunch of Stuff that is available for you to pick up and Deliver on the way. You may select and request to Deliver multiple Deliveries but must ensure you can complete each Delivery fully and properly as outlined in our T&C.;

Do I need a licence to Deliver Dangerous Goods?

We know having to wait is a pain, however a Driver will need to apply for our Dangerous Goods badge in order to send any Dangerous Goods. The term Dangerous Goods has been further defined in our T&C.; Lonelyseat is simple and easy to use and this process is quite simple where it can be all done through our platform.

Do I need a licence to Deliver Animals/pets?

We want to know that our fur babies make it to wherever they are going, safe and sound. Because of this a Driver will have to apply for a Pet Friendly Badge in order to send any type of pet or Animal that is outlined in our T&C.;

Do I need a licence to Deliver Alcohol?

Lonelyseat thrive on keeping their community safe and so as long as you have an ID showing your 21, you can Deliver alcohol to a Recipient that is 18 years of age or older and whom is showing no signs of visible intoxication. See our T&C; for more information before you consider Delivering any alcohol.

How much will I get paid per Delivery?

That is entirely up to you! Depending on how much Stuff you take and where the Stuff is and where it needs to get to, you determine what you earn. Lonelyseat operates 24/7 so you can earn any time of the day. We expect local Deliveries will pay on the lower side, but a long distance Delivery of a larger item could earn you significantly more. It is time to start using Lonelyseat to subsidise your petrol and travel costs.

How and when do I get paid?

Since we want to get the money you’ve earned to you as quickly as possible, we ensure the payment goes into your bank account within days. The payment is initiated by Lonelyseat one business day after you complete the relevant Delivery, but bear in mind it may take 3 to 5 business days before the payment shows up in your bank account. If you haven’t seen the payment in your account within 5 business days after completing the Delivery - don’t panic! Reach out to the Lonelyseat team and we’ll ensure you’re paid the money you are owed. You can contact us at

How am I matched with Lonelystuff?

We’ll ask you to tell us where you are located, where you are headed, and your ride type. Based on this information, we’ll present you with a bunch of Stuff which we think you might be able to transport. We’ll tell you what the item is, how big it is, where it needs to go, and how much you’d get paid to Deliver it. You can then tell us which Deliveries suit you, and we’ll let the Sender know we’ve found a Lonelyseat for their Lonelystuff.
Stuff owners are wanting someone trustworthy to transport their Lonelystuff. It might be hard at first to prove yourself without many drives under your belt telling everyone how awesome you are. However, we all have to start somewhere and Lonelyseat will work with you to match your Lonelyseat with Lonelystuff so you can build up some kudos in the community.

What happens if things go wrong?

We know our community cares about getting Stuff safely from A to B. We also understand, once in a blue moon, mistakes happen and Stuff can get a little stuffed. We’re here to connect the dots rather than do the transporting of the Stuff itself - that’s all you friend! However we don’t want to leave you high and dry. So as long as it was a genuine whoopsie and you took all the necessary precautions, we’ll cover the value of goods up to $2000. We recommend you take a closer look at our T&C; to find out more about what we cover in the event Lonelystuff gets damaged or is lost. If an item you are Delivering is lost or damaged, contact the Sender, take photos, take note of how and when the incident occurred and Lonelyseat will take a look into it through our claims process.

Can I Deliver multiple items at the same time?

You know what’s better than getting paid to drive somewhere you we’re already planning to drive? Getting paid more. Obviously the more Lonelystuff you Deliver, the more moolah.
It's completely up to you whether you do a single Delivery or multiple Deliveries at the same time by using our add to cart feature. Before offering to handle multiple Deliveries at the same time, make sure that everything will safely fit in your vehicle, that you'll be able to meet each Delivery deadline, and that you can handle the pick-up and drop-off logistics for each Delivery.
We also understand that you don’t want to be finding your way around a new place when you get to your destination. We’ve taken the liberty of creating a suggested Delivery route for you, which we think will allow you to make best use of your time so you can get on with whatever it is that led you out that way in the first place!

Why must I provide a picture at pick up and drop off?

As a Driver, you're required to take pictures at the pick-up and drop off locations to show the Sender the condition of the item or items when picked up, and the condition upon Delivery drop-off. The Delivery image also provides proof that the item was Delivered by you to the right place. These images are just to let us know you have completed the Delivery and that you haven’t caused any damage to someone's Stuff.

What do I do if I can’t reach the Recipient when I am at the Delivery location?

It is a good idea to flick the Sender a quick text or call right after confirmation to firm up Delivery plans. If you have arrived at the Delivery location, have waited longer than 10 minutes and if you’re unable to reach the Stuff owner or recipient, you should contact the Sender to get them to tell you where to leave their Stuff.
If you’re given the okay to leave an item safely somewhere, make sure you let the Stuff owner know where you left the item with multiple pictures. If you are unable to contact the Stuff owner, feel free to contact Lonelyseat’s support team so we can you help out.

How do I sign up as a Lonelyseat Driver?

You can sign up to be a Lonelyseat Driver on our platform The onboarding process is easy as it just involves an online application and a background verification. The entire application takes minutes and once you have been verified by our Lonelyseat team (which takes 1-3 business days) you are now apart of our Lonelyseat Drivers community.

What should I expect in the online application process?

To become a verified Lonelyseat Driver, you will be asked to provide your IRD number and a copy of your valid New Zealand’s Driver's license. We know not everybody is a fan of their Drivers licence picture so you will have the opportunity to provide a different picture as long as the picture is shoulders high and above, front on and clear. Just remember to smile, this image will be used to display for your future customers.

What's expected of me as a Lonelyseat Driver?

Once you and the Sender have a confirmed Delivery plan, you're expected to complete it in a timely and neighborly manner and maintain friendly communication with the Sender throughout the Delivery process. The more reliable and friendly you are, the higher your chances are of attracting future Lonelystuff as our platform is built around a reviews based community.

What can’t I send as a Lonleyseat Driver?

It all depends on what Stuff you are carrying. Some Stuff requires certain badges, for example if you wanted to send dangerous goods, you would need to have a Dangerous goods badge. However, Drivers cannot take prohibited item(s). Other details regarding the Delivery of cigarettes, tobacco products, wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages can be found in our FAQ along with more information on what you can and cannot Deliver.

What If I Don't See Many Available Deliveries In My Area?

If you are in the middle of “nowheresville” this issue may pop up if you are only listing yourself available for local jobs but don’t fret. Try listing yourself several times going to several different locations outside of your current area and this will increase your chances of finding some suitable Delivery jobs. Besides, the longer distances you travel to Deliver an item the more you will make, it’s a win win!

What if someone cancels the Delivery after I'm already on my way?

We know crazy Stuff comes up from time-to-time, and cancellations can’t always be avoided. We encourage Senders to cancel as soon as possible, ideally before you’ve started driving towards the pickup location. However, if you are already on your way, you’ll be notified of the cancellation and will be compensated accordingly.

What if something comes up and I can no longer Deliver any items I've been assigned?

We know that life happens sometimes and the trips you were planning to make can change or get canceled, which may mean you aren’t able to make a Delivery any more. If you have offered to do a Delivery but haven't been confirmed yet you can cancel the Delivery plan and the Stuff will automatically be listed as available again.
If you’ve already been confirmed to do that Delivery, communication is sooo important. Make sure you let the Stuff owner know what’s happening as soon as and that you’re unable to make the DeliveryF. After that, you can then cancel your offer so the Stuff owner can choose another Driver.
Keep in mind that cancellations mess with Stuff owners plans and others in the Lonelyseat community. If you cancel too many times you could start to show as having a really low review profile. Way too many cancellations will lead to the team at Lonelyseat having a look to see how we can support you before looking at other options.

Will Lonelyseats provide me with an end-of-year summary of all Deliveries?

Yes. As a Lonelyseat Driver, you will have your own personal details on your account to show you how much you have earnt in the current and previous years. Looking on your own profile, you can see a summary of recent activity, including total distance traveled, past Deliveries, community reviews and feedback based on your previous Deliveries and your monthly and year-to-date payment information.


Lonely Cover

Is Lonely Cover insurance?

Not quite, Lonelyseat provides Lonely Cover which is not insurance but protection for a Sender, that is if they for and pay the fee. Lonely Cover costs $5.00 per Delivery and must be purchased at the time the Delivery is arranged. If a Sender opts to use Lonely Cover, Lonelyseat will reimburse a Sender for loss or damage arising from theft or property damage to the Senders’ item(s) during a Delivery and arising directly from a Driver’s negligence, up to a maximum of $2000.00 per item(s).

What area does Lonelyseat cover?

The better question is what area does Lonelyseat not cover? We are nationwide so Senders can buy that surfboard they wanted down in Bluff and get it brought up by you to Kaitaia, no worries.

When is a Sender covered by Lonely Cover?

To qualify for the Lonely Cover, Senders must tell us the value of the item(s) in the Delivery and comply with any of Lonelyseat’s other requirements when arranging the Delivery in the platform. This includes taking a picture of the Stuff included in a Delivery. The Sender will need to complete our online claim form on our platform and provide to Lonelyseat both any packaging used by the Sender, if any, for the damaged Stuff, proof of the value of the damaged Stuff, and where needed, a satisfactory police report.

Does Lonely Cover have a Sender covered when sending Special Item(s)?

Unfortunately, a Sender is not covered when sending prohibited item(s) or any undisclosed Special item(s) and Lonelyseat will not reimburse anyone for loss or damage to a prohibited item(s) or undisclosed Special item(s). Lonelyseat will also not reimburse any Sender for any Delivery or the Stuff in the Delivery for more than Lonelyseat’s maximum limits, no matter what the item(s) actual value is.
Special item(s) include cigarettes or any tobacco product, wine, beer, Firearms, Non-Commercial Fireworks, Hazardous Material, dangerous goods, Prescription drugs and medicines and more. Only some Drivers will be able to Deliver Special item(s). See our T&C; to identify the full list of Special Items and the requirements to Deliver them.

I have more questions, how do I ask them?

Email us at and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have.