Sender FAQ

When can you deliver my stuff?

Depending on where your Stuff is and where it needs to get to, you determine when you need it Delivered. Although day Delivery is most common, some Stuff will be Delivered within hours or even minutes where non urgent items can be Delivered up to a week apart. Unlike your regular couriers, you can have your Stuff picked up and Delivered after hours or even on a sunday after you’ve had dinner...Lonelyseat operates 24/7 to suit you.

What are some benefits of sending with Lonelyseat?

Speed: Our extended network of qualified Drivers enables us to respond in minutes. We will soon have the largest dedicated Driver network of Drivers all around the country waiting next to their phone ready to spring into action meaning we can collect and Deliver faster than anyone else.
Reliability: Day or night, even on public holidays, you can count on us. Our Drivers have to meet our minimum criteria before they can drive for Lonelyseat.
Real life Tracking: Once your Stuff is collected and is en-route, it’s progress can be tracked in real time right up until drop-off. How cool is that?
Transparency: See what the cost and timing is going to be upfront and before you book. No surprises.
No Size Restrictions: If someone has the right vehicle and space to take your Stuff, then consider your Stuff on its way.

How do I start sending Stuff on the platform?

It's easy to get started! Just head to the Lonelyseat homepage and select 'Browse Lonely Seats'. Next, put in where your stuff is and where it needs to go and then select 'Search'. This will bring up a bunch of Drivers available to take your Stuff.

Can I have Stuff Delivered on the weekend or after hours?

Of course, Lonelyseat is awake when you aren’t available 24/7 and even on public holidays!

Is there anything I can’t send through Lonelyseat?

Our Drivers can’t send you (people) or Stuff you’ve got which you’re not allowed to have (i.e. stolen or illegal Stuff). Only certain Drivers with the correct licences can send Special Items and Drivers are not allowed to Deliver prohibited item(s). If your Driver has the right licences they can send most other things. For example, a Driver with a Dangerous Goods licence can send Dangerous Goods such as flammables, firearms. Other details regarding the Delivery of cigarettes, tobacco products, wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages can be found in our T&C.;

How long does Delivery take?

Delivery times vary depending on where your Stuff is, where you are, when the Driver can pick up and when the Driver can drop off. A Delivery time might be a few minutes to a week or more. Delivery times will also be influenced by several factors such as traffic, weather, or other conditions. The good news is, you are in control of accepting a Driver based on their timeframes and also once your package has been collected, you get to keep an eye on it through our live tracking feature.

Is my Stuff safe?

Although Stuff is Delivered at the ‘owners risk’ we are like any peer-to-peer Delivery platform, we have a community that operates on trust and the tribe determines who the stars are and who can do better on the next pick up. Also, alongside this review system, all our Drivers pledge that they have not done uncool things and provide two forms of ID. Before using Lonelyseat, we encourage you to ‘re-familiarise’ yourself with our T&C.;

What if I cancel or no one is there when the Driver arrives?

It is really quite simple; If a cancellation is made before the Driver is en-route to collect your Stuff, then there is no charge. If no one is available when the Driver arrives to collect or Deliver your Stuff, the Driver will notify you and if possible, will wait up to a maximum of 10 minutes. If the pick up or Delivery is not completed as a result, the full fare will be charged and the parcel will be kept safe, until a new Delivery is arranged. If you are still not too sure about how our cancellations work or want further details, see our ‘Legal Stuff’ page and that should clear up any uncertainties.

How do I know if my Health Information is protected?

Your health information is definitely secure with Lonelyseat! During a Delivery, a Driver may see a Senders confidential, proprietary, personally identifiable and/or health information. For example if you are sending medicine, some personal information may be displayed on the Stuff. The Driver agrees when they sign up that they are to protect and keep your information confidential and that it won’t be disclosed to any other person or used for any other reason than to complete your Delivery. See our T&C; for more information.


Can I contact the Driver?

Absolutely, once you accept a Driver a Service, you’ll be able to message the courier directly through your online dashboard once logged in. We hope you’ll find little need for this with our live-tracking set up to keep you ‘in the know’ about where you Stuff is at and how far away it is.


Lonely Cover

Is Lonely Cover insurance?

Not quite, Lonelyseat provides Lonely Cover which is not insurance but protection that you may opt for and pay the appropriate fee. Lonely Cover costs $5.00 per Delivery and must be purchased at the time the Delivery is arranged. If you opt to use Lonely Cover, Lonelyseat will reimburse you for loss or damage arising from theft or property damage to your Stuff during a Delivery. This is directly from a Driver’s negligence, up to a maximum of $2000.00 per item(s).

What area does Lonelyseat cover?

The better question is what area does Lonelyseat not cover? We are nationwide so you can buy that surfboard down in Bluff and get it brought up to Kaitaia, no worries.

When am I covered by Lonely Cover?

To qualify for Lonely Cover, you must tell us the value of the item(s) in the Delivery and comply with any of Lonelyseat’s other requirements when arranging the Delivery in the platform. This includes taking a picture of the Stuff included in a Delivery. You will need to complete our online claim form on our platform and provide to Lonelyseat both any packaging you used, if any for the damaged Stuff, proof of the value of your damaged Stuff, and in some cases, a satisfactory police report.

Does Lonely Cover have me covered when sending Special Item(s)?

Unfortunately, you are not covered when sending prohibited item(s) or any undisclosed Special item(s) and Lonelyseat does not reimburse anyone for loss or damage to a prohibited item(s) or undisclosed Special item(s). Lonelyseat will also not reimburse you for any Delivery or the Stuff in the Delivery for more than Lonelyseat’s maximum limits, no matter what the Stuff's actual value is. Special item(s) include cigarettes or any tobacco product, wine, beer, Firearms, Non-Commercial Fireworks, Hazardous Material, dangerous goods, Prescription drugs, medicines and more. Only some Drivers will be able to Deliver Special item(s). See our T&C; to identify the full list of Special Items. On a better note, we look forward to you sending other Stuff!

I have more questions, how do I ask them?

Email us at and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have.