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Lonelyseat matches people wanting to send stuff, with people heading that way...join now to start saving.

How It Works

Why join the Lonelyseat community?

Sending with Lonelyseat

Save money on delivery

Got a large item you’re set on but it’s somewhere far far away? Save using Lonelyseat! A van heading past your pick up and drop off points will see those chest of draws that much more realistic to buy now.

No packaging required

Awkward items, like a deerhead, can seem impossible to pack. Capitalise on Joe who is heading past in a station wagon to lend a hand. Less packaging means everyone’s happier…including mother nature!

Packages left where you want them

With realtime tracking, you won’t be left with a card on your front door step or package in your letter box (unless you ask). With Lonelyseat, you can communicate with the driver to give specific instructions for both pick up and drop off.

Pick up and Drop Off at times which work for you

Yep, you can get your items before work, at lunch time, after evening yoga classes, or when you get home on Sunday. Lonelyseat drivers are constantly on the road ready to serve the sending community when it works for them.

Stay seated, let someone take care of it for you

If you’re in the city and need some paperwork from across town, stay put! See who might be on the road to bring it over for you. Save the stress of re-parking and wading through traffic. 

Driving with Lonelyseat

Work when you want to

Set your own schedule working around your family or other commitments. Lonelyseat even gives you the flexibility to sing on the way (yes, this is optional).

Earn Money within Days

Whether you are trying to offset fuel costs, cover monthly bills or subsidise you’re your dreams, Lonelyseat enables you to do all this and more. You get paid within 3 days for each successful delivery and you decide how much you want to earn, the sky is the limit.

No Lonelyseat Uniform or Fancy Vehicle Required

You can be in your best track suit and own a 1966 Kombi Van, it's totally up to you! If you and your track pants are licenced and so is miss Kombi, get ready to start delivering for Lonelyseat!

Explore our beautiful country

Make famous Hobbiton, sunny Nelson or the stunning Milford Sound destinations that you can afford to visit with Lonelyseat helping you get there one delivery at a time.

Commitment to Sustainability


We’re really proud of our community and how peers tell everyone about their experiences with other people by way of our review system. Also, drivers and senders interact so, that delivery person, now has a profile which lets the community know what makes them “tick”


Most cars travelling on the road throughout NZ, with empty space galore, can now get better return on their CO2 footprint. We like to think in time that all the packed out freight vans and trucks will eventually move a lot of their packages into empty cars reducing the need for them as well as their carbon footprint. 

Without the need to package that dining chair in the back of a wagon coming to Hamilton from Invercargill, we imagine a significant impact on packaging reduction as our community grows.  

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